Protect & analyse your machines

SafePilote is a multi-purpose system originally designed to detect the impacts and excessive vibration levels associated with machine tool and gantry crashes. It stops all machine tool motion automatically at the very beginning of a crash (0.5 millisecond response time) and it works even when the spindle isn’t turning.

SafePilote provides several different alarm limits to accommodate various machine operating modes (normal feed, rapid feed and toolholder / part index). SafePilote also maintains a time-and-date-stamped record of crash impacts and excessive vibration levels. It’s used on many types of CNC machine tools, including machining centers, lathes, hobbing machines, broaching machines and transfer machines.

Further developments provided the system with extra capabilities allowing machine health monitoring and detection of metallic chips blocked into the tool holder.

SafePilote is now available in three versions:

CDL: Collision Damage Limitation

MCM: Machine Condition Monitoring

HSM: Holder Seat Monitoring

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