Minimize Damage resulting from Collision

SafePilote CDL is a 3-axis accelerometer sensor and processor especially designed and built in digital Way lab to provide you with the most effective means for protecting your machines against damage resulting from a crash or a collision.

Mounted on your machine’s spindle, this powerful system also allows you to record vibration data associated with the conditions of machine use or with tooling quality.

Why monitor vibration ?

Vibration monitoring is a key strategy to ensure the quality of your production, to check your tooling, and your machine components. This is also the fastest way to detect a collision and stop your machine quickly enough to prevent damage and downtime. Consequences of a crash during a machining operation are generally catastrophic:
– Broken Part or Tool-holder,
– Damaged spindle,
– Need to re-do all mechanical set-up,
– Long downtime and production stoppages.


The graph to the left shows the benefits of using the SafePilote system when a crash occurs on a machine.
When a machine stop is decided by an over-current alarm on an axis movement, it’s often too late to avoid large damages to the spindle / tool / part fixture, leading to long downtimes and increasing your manufacturing costs.
Of course, the SafePilote will not prevent the crash, but its extremely fast reaction time will allow a much faster machine stop and thus a drastic reduction in the repair costs.

SafePilote is the Airbag for your machine.


Encapsulated in an M12 housing, the 3-axis acceleration sensor was designed to be a real industrial product. It is durable, compact, easy to install, and it has a quick-disconnect cable.
In order not to be disturbed by the environment, the sensor output is digital: no need to take special precautions, the sensor cable can be mixed in the cable carrier system with the power supply cables for the spindle.

SafePilote is available in several models, depending upon your needs and machine specifications. It can be used in « stand-alone » versions or as an addition to the Wattpilote to create the most complete monitoring solution for your machines and your tools.

Safe Pilote PDF


The SafePilote system may be used on any type of machine tool. It may also be used on many robotic applications (palletizer, drilling, deburring, or welding robots) and material handling machines such as gantries. SafePilote can be successfully applied on most kinds of machines: Machining centers, turning centers, grinding machines. It can be used not only for machine protection, but it can also provide useful information about machine and tooling health. The signal processing box is mounted in the machine tool electrical cabinet. It connects to the PLC or machine control via a small number of discrete I/O or Profibus. The 3-axis digital accelerometer is mounted on the spindle or part fixture. A quick-disconnect cable is between the processor and the accelerometer.


No need to be a vibration expert to handle this system. Its simple interface has been specially developed to make it accessible to anybody, even without any knowledge about vibration sensing. Easy to install and set-up achieved with only a few clicks.

The vibrations in the X, Y, and Z directions and the RMS vibration are Shown along the top of the screen. The Shock plot shows fast response impacts and the Vibration plot (actually RMS vibration) shows the time-averaged vibration level.
With a reaction time of around 0.5 milliseconds, the SafePilote will effectively reduce the damage resulting from unexpected events during your machining process.

This system will act as a true “black box” that will allow you to track all unexpected events occurring during the use of the machine. Each alarm will be stored in the system’s memory with the corresponding shock and vibration curve.