WattPilote Applications

WattPilote finds its place in all industry sectors involving machining. It can be applied on any kind of machines, from machining centers to special machines or turning machines..

Click on the pictures below to see several successful examples of different WattPilote uses.

Monitoring the machining processes in the automotive industry is typically the kind of applications where you will get the most benefits of the Wattpilote. These highly automated production lines require the most accurate and efficient ways to maintain production rates and quality level. Avoiding production of scrap, optimizing your tooling life and reducing cycle costs are necessary to stay competitive in the market.

In the aerospace industry, the interest of tool monitoring is fundamentally different. It’s not anymore about mass production, but the cost of the tooling involved and the quality requirements make these machining processes very long and expensive. The WattPilote will here help you to insure your tooling protection provides means to reduce cycle time. In this page you’ll find some very specific applications for our system.

In the general industry, you’ll find very specific tools which, up to now, were supposed to be very difficult to monitor with simple solutions. Micro-drilling or multi-head machines belongs to this category. WattPilote special features and capabilities allow it to provide unequaled performances on such applications.