valves and seats machining

Monitoring valve seat machining in cylinder heads on URANE / COMAU machining centers.

  • Quality control
  • Avoid scrap parts
  • Optimize tool service life Valve seat machining is an important step in the fabrication of a cylinder head.

The slightest mark on a valve seat can cause a decrease in pressure in the cylinder and consequently a reduction in engine power. By monitoring the power derivative, the WattPilote detects even minor insert damage with high reliability and guaranties the close tolerances of all cylinder heads as well. WattPilote assures the quality of your machining operations. To avoid making scrap motors even before assembling the motors, WattPilote examines every power curve in order to detect the slightest irregularities on the cylinder head (for example an excessive recess of the valve seat). WattPilote eliminates scrap parts.

Changing tools at a pre-determined service life inevitably leads to irregularities and, even worse, to insert breakage. As you approach the given tool change, the tool temperature increases significantly and the cutting tips warp. Tool management via wear monitoring allows optimal insert performance and a considerable reduction of scrap at the same time. WattPilote optimizes tool service lifetime and lowers the cost of production.


Discover the savings achieved on valve and seat machining operations

Valve and Seats Machining