Machining of an aluminum gearbox casing, on a special machine equipped with a multi-spindle head.

The multi-spindle head is equipped with 3 M7 taps, 3 M8 taps and 9 M10 taps. It machines the gearbox casing with the 15 taps simultaneously.

The power graph below is twenty complete machining cycles. Of these 20 cycles, there is one cycle corresponding to an M7 tap breakage at end of hole (red curve).


On the power graph, one notes no significant variation in power consumption, the variation related to breakage of the tap is embedded in the natural range of machining (material hardness variations).

The derivative, which is only sensitive to rapid variations, ignores the dispersion of the machining curves due to raw parts variations, and detects the breaking of one M7 tap among 15.



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Multispindle head applications