Crankshaft monitoring

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Monitoring Crankshaft Milling

Monitoring crankshaft low end machining on a BOEHRINGER machine, forged steel, with a 700 mm diameter milling cutter equipped with 200 cutting tips.

Due to the cost of the tool itself, monitoring this kind of process is really crucial. Insert breakages on this application will result in very high repair costs (several times the price of a WattPilote Unit for a single tool-holder !) and machine downtime. This example of use shows the sensitivity and the reliability of the WattPilote system. An optimal production is assured, because the WattPilote distinguishes between chip accumulation, hardness irregularity of the part and a damaged insert. As soon as the first cutting tip breaks (detection of 1 insert among 200 !) WattPilote stops the machine : this not only avoids a further production of waste, but also prevents destruction of the tool holder by progressional insert breaking.

The life time of a tool varies according to the hardness of the handled parts. To optimize the tool’s life time and to realize cost savings, WattPilote measures the tool wear continuously. The tool is not changed at a given service life, but just when it becomes worn. Over a period of 4 months of industrial operation, the cost savings in this application (reduction of tool costs, suppression of waste… ) increased to 45 000 €.



Crankshaft milling example shows a $59,000 decrease in tooling and scrap costs in 4 months.

Crankshaft Milling Application – PDF