Monitoring brake disks and drums machining

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One goal : Simplify turning operations monitoring

Historically used only for the monitoring of rotating tools, power measurement is also proving to be a formidable monitoring tool for controlling turning operations when machining brake disks or drums.

So far, the proposed solutions on the market used mostly force sensors mounted in the mechanics of the machine. Complex to install, expensive, fragile, sensitive to temperature fluctuations and conditions in the machining chamber, this type of system proves very costly in terms of maintenance end and the results are not always up to expectations.

With its easy installation and performance without equivalent, the WattPilote Turning replaces these solutions. Placed in the cabinet, it measures the power consumed by the spindle motors and axis with high precision and very simply allows to detect any anomaly such as breakage or tool wear.


Reduce your production costs and optimize tooling life time

More specifically applied to machining operations of disks and brake drums, the use of WattPilote enabled many times our customers to realize substantial savings on costs associated with this type of manufacture.

These parts are usually produced in very large quantities, breakage or excessive wear of an insert can quickly result in the production of a large number of defective parts. By controlling spindle motor power variations as well as axis motors, the WattPilote helps to ensure the quality of your production.



WattPilote Turning

The WattPilote Turning is a tool monitor unit specially dedicated to the monitoring of turning operations. It consists of three accurate power sensors to simultaneously monitor the power consumed by the spindle motor and the power of the two axis motors. Additional driven tools motors may be controlled by adding one or several channels on the system.


Fittable on all kind of machines

Due to its easy installation in the control cabinet, the WattPilote can be installed on all types of turning machine, either vertical or horizontal. It is available with different types of PLC interfaces such as 24V I/O, Profibus, Profinet , Ethernet / IP and many others .

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