Rotary transfer and swiss type turning



Tool monitors are no longer just for use on CNC machining centers. In the past, the large number of motors on Rotary Transfer machines, Swiss-Type lathes, and Bar Turning machines meant that monitoring the entire process was cost-prohibitive.
To address this problem, Digital Way developed a multi-channel version of the WattPilote to reduce the per-motor cost of monitoring these types of machines. These WattPilote systems monitor multiple motors, each rated up to 8 kW, and interface with the machine control via Profibus.

  • High Sensitivity Monitor a 0.15-mm diameter drill used on a 1.3 kW spindle.
  • Precise Resolution Power measurements have a worst case accuracy of 0.1 Watt and a best case accuracy of 0.005 Watt.
  • Rapid Response Time The power signal is sampled at 50 kHz to allow millisecond response time.
  • Easy Installation Simple, low-cost integration and easy-to-use software makes the WattPilote perfect for retrofit applications as well as new projects.