Digital Way’s Company History

Digital Way SAS was started in Saint-Étienne, France in 1992 to provide high-performance power monitoring systems for industrial applications. Since that time, it has become the tool monitoring market leader in France, sold more than 7,000 systems worldwide, and earned a reputation for unequaled power measurement on machine tools.

Digital Way’s “WattPilote” has been the standard tool monitoring solution supplied by the machine builder, Comau, since 1996. WattPilote has also been the standard system used by the multinational automobile and motorcycle manufacturer, Peugeot S.A., since 2004.

Digital Way has branch offices in Germany and Italy and distributors in Spain, Poland, China, and South Korea. Its products are installed by many large European machine builders including Chiron, Comau, Grob, MAG, LiCON, Mauser, Samag, and Stama.

Digital Way, Inc. was incorporated in Ann Arbor, MI in 2012 to support regional service and sales activities related to tool wear detection, tool breakage detection, and machine tool crash protection in North America.