We bring a revolutionary power monitoring technology to your shop floor and allow you to control what was previously impossible to measure.

Monitor the condition of ALL tools used in your manufacturing process to :

  • Improve machine up-time
  • Reduce cycle time
  • Improve tool life
  • Reduce scrap production
  • Protect your machine, tools, and parts
  • Ensure broken tool detection

Automotive Applications

Aerospace Applications

Industrial Applications

Easy Integration

WattPilote is the generic name of the power monitoring system product line developed by the company Digital Way. WattPilotes are used to detect tool breakage and measure tool wear to avoid scrap production on all types of metal-removal machines.

User Friendly HMI

Keep control of your process

WattPilote combines measurement and processing in a single box. Its installation is very simple as all wiring is done in the electrical cabinet. Thanks to a unique power sensing technology and proprietary algorithms, WattPilote is able to monitor very small tools even when used on large spindles. A PC or a numeric control connected to WattPilote provides an operator display and allows graphical analysis of machining curves, faults, and tool wear.



MCM - Machnie Condition Monitoring

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